About Home Loan Mortgage Calculators

Home Loan Mortgage Calculators for San Diego County

The San Diego area is a beautiful place to live, but you want to find the best information on mortgage loans in the area before you take the plunge.

Home Loan Mortgage Calculators can help you determine if that dream house you want to buy actually fits in your budget.

VA Loan Calculators

Our past specialty has been VA Loans so you’ll find a lot of information onsite about them.

A VA loan is a special form of mortgage designed to make it easier for current and former service members to buy houses in order to secure a permanent home for yourself or your family. To that end, they can only be used for the purchase of (or the construction of) a home you intend to live in, not a property you intend to rent out.

Read this page to find out if you’re eligible for a VA Loan.

Need a recommended VA Loan Specialist? Learn how to select the best expert in San Diego.

Conventional Home Loan Mortgage Calculators

Conventional Mortgages typically require a down payment (and a good income and credit score). Add the amount of your down payment in the Home Mortgage Loan Calculator to get the right payment.

FHA Home Loan Mortgage Calculators

With an FHA Mortgage, or for that matter any government backed loan, your down payment will likely be lower. So if you don’t have 20% down payment, plug in the amount you do have saved to see if an FHA Mortgage will work better for you.